Saturday, October 22, 2005

BnC Drabble: Bloody Nummy (PG, Warnings)

Challenge: Drabble - Bloody
Title: Bloody Nummy
Author: DearOne
Beta: None
Rated: PG
Warning(s): Centers on something dead
Genre: General
Pairing: N/A
Previously on BnC: N/A
Summary: Charis cooks.
POV: Charis
Disclaimer: c l i c k.
Feedback: Yes please.
Completed: 05.03.04
A/N: (1) It's my first try at a drabble


I place the heavy weight of something dead on the cutting board to slice.

Turning on the stove, I watch for a moment the dancing intense blue element that is tinged with flickers of orange and red.

Then, when I see the formless shadow of heat waft into the air, I place the separated cuts in and make quick work of the kill.

I flip it when necessary and listen to it sizzle. I wait for the red liquid to seep out and at the first sign I move it out of danger.

I smile as I just made dinner, and made it the way he likes it; bloody.


♥ c

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