Thursday, October 6, 2005

Entry #1[/edit]

I would rather NOT do the whole introduction thing for my first entry, as it will probably just get lost. Future entries will inevitably push it back. So who would see it then?

Who actually goes back to read previous pages/entries anyway? Right. I do. But do others? Hmmm...

Anyway, picture this still exists. Why still, you ask? Well, this place used to be a blog for a Visual Arts class that I will explain a little more about later.

So, what is this place going to be now? A place where I can post a little bit of anything. Mostly everything. Things I come across that I just need to talk about. Funny things. Sentimental things. Awesome things. I'm rather random. Too random, really. I'm rather incoherent, as you'll soon find out. So, let's just see how things go.

You'll also find stories that I write.

Just so we are clear, I am NOT a writer. However, I do write. I write for myself and for the readers that happen across my work. I like to hope that people I know in "real life" don't read my stories. That would be mortifying. Even more so, I think It would affect my freedom to write what I want to write. Yeah, that made sense. No, really. I would feel limited somehow. Like I wouldn't be writing for just me. And I write to be me to get away from being me. Clear as mud, I suspect. Sadly, I don't think I can get much clearer than that.

I like to hide behind my anonymity. And that's that. I won't connect this to my writing journal. I think I want this place to be a bit more personal. So, why make this public? I don't really know, maybe because there is something to wanting to be heard, even if it is behind a mask. Anyway...


Now, onto the explanation for that "still." picture this was not so much with the empty space before this new first entry. This place used to hold my ramblings for a VSAR class I took in college last semester. Creating a blog was our first assignment. I was to document how my projects came to be, how they were created, changed, completed... Funny how I left my favorite piece of work incomplete. If you are interested to see what it was, check out the following site: starrielight.

Yeah, I made that site using flash. It took forever, mostly because I did everything (the drawings) by hand and let me tell you, piecing it together took forever. It was too involving. Too time consuming. I love it all the more because of how difficult it was. Anyway, I won't go on with the details of the project, nor my other projects. I deleted them. They used to be housed here. But who really would like to see a flash movie of a ball bouncing into a box? Okay, maybe it was pretty cool. Maybe I shouldn't have deleted it. It was done on impulse. And I'd rather not regret it now. Damn. Too late. Regretting

Moving on. (So much harder to do in real life!)

Anyway, the class is over. I got an 'A' and it was not just for effort! I had presented my finished site offline. My old server went down. I saved my work and uploaded it to the first place I found that hosts for free.

This is getting long and it is looking awfully like an introductory post, isn't it? Haha! Guess a first post is a first post. So I'm just gonna stop here, for now. :)

♥ c

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