Sunday, October 10, 2010

101010 phone call

boy: Hey, sorry just getting back with you now
girl: You're sorry? It's been like a day. I'm the one who didn't get back with you for over a week, I'm sorry.
boy: *laughs* Oh, yeah, that's right. Don't do that again.
girl: *laughs* No promises.
boy: So, did you go to the meet-up on Friday?
girl: Yeah, missed you there. Everyone wondered where you were at.
boy: Sadly, I caught the cold that's been going around.
girl: No wonder--
boy: Maybe we can get together after Thursday?
girl: Yeah, we should. Work on getting better.
boy: *laughs* I am.
girl: The others are planning to go to the Asian Film Festival, wanna join in?
boy: Oh, you mean like the whole group?
girl: Yeah.
boy: Yeah, okay...*incoherent mumbling* Just tell me when.

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